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Free shipping on all orders over $50. Australia Wide

Cross Trainer Shoes

Brooks’ cross training shoes are designed for anyone looking for great all-purpose shoes. These high-intensity shoes are constructed with quality materials to provide exceptional support and superior fit, making them suitable for taking you through hops, jumps, sprints and more. Providing flexibility in the forefoot for running, plus excellent lateral control for activities such as aerobics and tennis, our cross trainer shoes are an economical option if you enjoy participating in a variety of sports or like varying your workout routine.

Cushion Badge


Multi-Purpose Cushioned Trainer

Medium - High arch height

(some netural runners can
have flat feet)


Normal Pronation

(doesn't roll inward)

Discover Our Range of Running Trainers

While we’re focused on functionality to ensure you’ll get the most out of your workout, we don’t compromise on style either. Browse our range today to find the best cross training shoes in stylish options that will look great both on and off the court or track.