9 things about Brooks.

We are a team of men and women, united by a compulsion to deliver the best running experience on the planet.

Here are 9 principles that define what we're all about.

Behind every employee, every idea, and every lace or stitch of our gear is a razorsharp focus on runners and the running experience.
That's it.
We believe in the transformative power of the run.
It can turn a day-or a life-completely around.
The world would be a much better place if everyone joined in.
Our gear isn't consumed; it's put to use–hard use.
Every design and engineering choice we make has a purpose.
Our goal is make the run better, safer, and more fun.
Our audiences aren't segments to exploit; they're our running buddies, runners we pass on the path, and runners we stand with at the starting line who share our values.
We know them better than any brand out there.
Everything we do, we do together.
We work hard, play hard, celebrate, struggle, persevere, learn, achieve more as a team.
It's also a lot more fun that way.
"Run Happy" reminds us–and runners everywhere–why we fell in love with lacing up our shoes in the first place.
The truth behind this mantra forges an unbreakable connection, millions of runners strong.
We start every product with biomechanical research and end with beautiful design.
To make it Brooks, we always liberally apply a dose of runner insight and a sprinkle of Run Happy.
We deliver the expected: orders on time, product performance, and great customer service. We also bring the unexpected, or the little things.
Our success has been defined by delighting in small ways, time after time after time.
Every day, our company values guide what we do and how we do it:
Serve People.
Lead Thought.
Play As a Team.
Compete Every Day.
Demonstrate Integrity.
Have Fun.
Be Active.