What Type of Running Shoe Do I Need?

Uncover the best running shoes for your requirements with the interactive Brooks shoe finder. It works like magic, yet it's rooted in the best running science to date.


1 Let's start easy.

When I go for a run, I prefer to wear shoes on the

2 Walk it out.

Time to take a quick walk. Observe five steps and notice how your feet position themselves. Did they?

3 Give us a leg to stand on.

Kick off your shoes and stand on one leg. What do you sense in your standing foot?

4 Let’s get knee deep.

Now that you're warmed up, stand up with your feet together, heels and toes touching. Slide your hand between your knees and do a shallow squat. What do you feel?

5 Are you bendy?

Place your hand, palm face down, on to a flat surface. Bend back your index finger with your opposite hand. What is the angle from the table?

6 Share your pain.

Nobody likes injuries, but they're important to discuss. Do you currently experience pain or have you endured a running-related injury in the past six months?

7 Give us the long and short of it.

During the past six months, estimate how many kilometers you ran each week.

8 Are you training for something?

Let's talk goals. What are you training for?

9 Come along for the ride.

Choose the running experience you want.